Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Lion in Scotland?

Is a female lion on the loose in Scotland? Or, is it something else? Whatever the answer, it's big, four-legged and running around!


Neil A said...

The following details of the account are the most interesting:

“It was beige/brown in colour, had chunky, fur-covered legs, a long tail and rounded-off ears. It was large, at least four to five feet long, and it moved just like a female African lion. I followed it as it ran towards the treeline, then it was gone in about ten seconds.”

The observer most probably saw a puma (mountain lion, cougar). In the early '60s many 'lioness' reports were likely to have been pumas. For one, the tail of a lion is thing and tufted, whereas a puma tail very long and sweeping and quite thick. The rounded ears suggest a puma also, as does the colouration.

It's very unlikely there are lions anywhere in the UK unless one escapes from a zoo or circus, and even then it would be easy to recapture something which naturally seeks a pride and large prey.

Nick Redfern said...

Thanks Neil; yes a cougar sounds far more plausible than a lion.