Friday, May 28, 2010

Monsters Everywhere!

As always, good stuff over at The Anomalist:

Cryptids of DownEast Cryptomundo. Loren Coleman gives a short lead in to the June edition DownEast Magazine article by Rob Sneddon entitled Mysteries of Maine that includes more than just cryptids among the phenomena revealed. But, in Lindsay Selby's latest report, a cryptid is the focal point of stories emanating from the Andes Mountains of South America. Selby brings you news of a Bigfoot-type creature South Americans have reported since, at least, 1956, as she details in The Ucu. Do the Andes have their own Yeti?

Muirhead's Mysteries: Thunderbird Nests in Utah? Cryptozoology Online. Richard Muirhead reviews an account from a 1960 edition of Frontier Times that tells of a 1936 expedition across the Great Salt Lake Desert of Utah, tracing the trail of the ill-fated Donner Party in 1850. Dr. Walter M. Stookey was the man who traced the Donner trail, and what he found makes for some surprising conclusions. While Dr. Stookey's retracing of the trail took place 86 years after the Donner's passed by, there was much evidence of the Donner Party's trek, including discarded trunks and clothing, wagon parts and the skeletal remains of oxen. But what was most surprising was the discovery of giant bird nests, an astonishing discovery that still hasn't been explained. Elsewhere, a Texas town is up in arms after reports of an out-of-place African big cat, as seen in Reports of Lion Loose in Marshall, Residents React. Meanwhile, Scott Bowen speaks with the head of the International Cryptozoology Museum, one of the world's foremost cryptozoologists, in Interview: Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman, Part 1. With image.

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