Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Boggy Depot Bigfoot Conference

It's a while away yet, but on the weekend of October 22/23, I'll speaking at the 2010 Boggy Depot Bigfoot Conference, which will be held at the Boggy Depot State Park, Atoka, Oklahoma. Good friend Ken Gerhard will also be lecturing.

Also speaking are:

R.Scott Nelson - Crypto-Linguist;
Randy Harrington - Bigfoot Researcher, M.A.B.R.C.;
Cullen Hudson - Author/Researcher;
C.O.P.S. - Paranormal Research Group;
Mike Hall - Bigfoot Field Researcher, Texla Research Group.

As you'll see from the poster above, the event is in aid of a couple of very good charities, so if you can make it along that weekend, you'll get to learn a great deal about Bigfoot, and also help a couple of very worthy causes.

Get your tickets while you still can!

For more information, contact:

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