Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Ufological Bigfoot

The Anomalist highlights one of the most controversial aspects of Bigfoot research: namely, a connection to the UFO puzzle (and, as it happens, much more of a distinctly weird nature, too).

As The Anomalist notes:

"Exploring Site 516: Pennsylvania Residents Report UFOs and Bigfoot; Examiner. Tremont Avenue Productions has been working to produce a video documentary of the strangeness that has enveloped mountaintop property in the central section of western Pennsylvania. What has been happening at the location where two related families continue to witness these events seems to be a mixture of paranormal activities that goes far beyond the usual UFO or Bigfoot sighting. In fact, this run of paranormal activity has both those High Strangeness features combined with a possible meteorite strike and a puzzling archaeological discovery made by Carnegie-Mellon University. Producer Roger Marsh and the crew from Tremont Avenue Productions present the first seven instalments of their video creation 'Exploring Site 516' embedded in this article."

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