Thursday, April 15, 2010

Monsters at Lili's Lair

Over at Lili's Lair, you can find a new interview with me about my crypto-research, how I got involved in the mystery, and my thoughts on the overall subject.

As I say in part: "Basically, cryptozoology is the study of, and the search for, unknown animals, such as Bigfoot, the Chupacabras, lake-monsters, sea-serpents, and the Yeti. However, cryptozoology can also encompass the search for known animals in areas where they shouldn't be seen. For example, Britain - where I'm originally from - has a lot of sightings every year of large, black-cats on the loose. Of course, there should not be any such animals roaming Britain. But people see them all the time. So, the mystery is: why are they being seen? That's one of the big questions we have: are they escapees from private zoos? Some cryptozoologists also spend time looking for animals that science tells us are extinct but that may not be so extinct, after all - such as stories of people reportedly seeing surviving pterodactyls. Then, there are those crypto-creatures that - to me, at least - are clearly not flesh-and-blood and that seem more paranormal in nature, but that some researchers place in a cryptozoology category. I'm talking here about Mothman, England's Owlman, the Jersey Devil; things like that. So, cryptozoology definitely covers a lot of diverse areas!"

And here's the link to the full interview.

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