Friday, April 30, 2010

Linda Godfrey on BoA

This just in from Tim Binnall, who hosts Binnall of America: a 2-hour-plus interview with Linda Godfrey, of Beast of Bray Road and Hunting the American Werewolf fame.

Tim says of the show:

"Acclaimed cryptozoologist Linda Godfrey joins us for a discussion about the phenomenon of Bipedal Canine Cryptids (aka 'Dogman'). We'll cover the recent 'Gable Film' hoax which was revealed on a recent edition of MonsterQuest and Linda will detail the entire Gable saga as it unfolded. We'll then cover the 'Dogman' enigma from a variety of angles, including how Linda first began investigating the phenomenon, the response of the cryptozoology community to her research, the typical descriptions of the Bipedal Canine Cryptids and how they differ from bears as well as 'classic' werewolf descriptions, the connections between the Dogman and water as well as Native American burial mounds, problems with proving the BCC's existence, and tons more material related to the mysterious Bipedal Canine Cryptids. It's a revealing look at a truly unique cryptid with the researcher who helped to put it on the map: Linda Godfrey."

Check it out! Tim's show is always a good one; and this episode is definitely not-to-be-missed!

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Linda Godfrey said...

Thank you, Nick! I was impressed with Tim as a host and we did cover a lot of ground. Hope to hear you on there soon as well,