Monday, April 5, 2010

Beware the Bunnyman

Good friend Ken Gerhard has an interesting new post all about the legend of the Bunny Man of Virginia.

Ken says: "It’s difficult to conceive of any monsters that might be affiliated with Easter, unless we consider Virginia’s bizarre Bunny Man. Most likely it is an urban legend that may have sprung out of some inexplicable encounters. Irregardless, it is a legend worth repeating. Just west of Washington DC lies the tiny, little hamlet of Fairfax Station. Teenagers from the area are familiar with the rumors of a diabolical being that belongs in a category all its own. According to local historians, during October of 1970, there were several people near wooded areas who, encountered an ax wielding fiend; a man dressed in a bunny suit no less!"

And here's the rest of Ken's post. Enjoy!

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