Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Wanderer Returns

Well, I got back home late last night after speaking on a whole variety of cryptids (including the Owlman, the Goatman, Bigfoot and werewolves) at the Ghosts of Cooperstown, NY gig, which was a lot of fun and very informative.

Of course, in the 5 days I have been away, a number of good and intriguing crypto stories have surfaced, so I urge you to check out the CFZ's blog; Cryptomundo; and The Anomalist for the latest news.

There's a wealth of material, so going direct to the sources is probably going to be quicker than you having to wait for me to do separate posts on everything that's afoot!


cryptidsrus said...

Cryptomundo is gone----as you may well already know, Nick. Craig Woolheater just bought it. Me and other Crypto people had no idea about this. Apparently it's going to be merged with UfoMystic. Wish Loren had notified folks about it, but I guess this will bode some good things. See you over at UfoMystic, I guess. :)
And welcome back. too!!! Hope the abcess is gone, too!!!!!!!!

Nick Redfern said...

Hi C

Yep, tooth is back to normal, thank goodness!

Me and Greg B had a good chat with Craig on the phone for about 90 minutes, and our postings at the new combined site won't change as such. There may be others coming on-board too, though, which I think is a good thing, as it will increase the diversity of content, and mean more postings too.