Monday, January 25, 2010


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Lindsay Selby: Lake Voronta Beast Cryptozoology Online. Beginning a search for lake monster tales, Lindsay Selby starts with reports that are extremely difficult to determine, since they deal with a lake in Siberia that's situated 100 miles from the nearest town. Nonetheless, some serious individuals, possessing impeccable credentials, have reported the presence of a large creature of indeterminate species in the waters of this remote lake. Selby chronicles the reports of the elusive...and reported to inhabit a remote lake in an area of Russia still vastly under-explored. Elsewhere, Mike Dash has something to say about lake monsters, too, as well as the proliferation of certain local legends concerning bodies of water, in 'The Lake That Has No Bottom...'. Meanwhile, another type of monster, long relegated to the halls of myth and legend, has inspired another search, as reported in Richard Muirhead: Muirhead's Mysteries: The Dragons of Sussex - Part One.

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