Monday, January 4, 2010

From The Anomalist

I couldn't, of course, let a new year begin without highlighting for you a few intriguing new posts from our good friends at The Anomalist:

Sylvanic Bigfoot, What's the Story? GhostTheory. Some videos, claims of a secret valley in the Rockies and a claim the valley is peopled by Bigfoot. Javier Ortega carefully avoids any strong opinion of the claims made by Todd Standing that he and his companions know the whereabouts of a multitude of Bigfoot creatures in North America's most storied mountain range. Could Standing's claims be true? Why won't Standing take biologists to this mysterious valley? With videos. Elsewhere, curious remains lead to the report Demon Cat Possible Goat Sucker. With photos.

Cryptid Sighting - Garrett County, MD - 12/16/09 Phantoms & Monsters. A woman living near Grantsville in western Maryland describes what she saw while returning from a holiday party in the early post-midnight hours on December 16. What could the creature be that this lady encountered in western Maryland? That's a question for cryptozoologists, of course. But cryptozoologists don't always get to check out exotic beasts like the one prowling 'round a garbage can in Maryland.

Canadian in Utah to Seek 'Strange Creatures Seldom Seen' Deseret News. Meet John Warms, a retired school teacher who resides in Manitoba, Canada. Warms is on a quest to discover some of the many anomalous creatures he has heard about so he can write a book about them. He also says he once observed a giant beaver in a Canadian waterway and thinks he has discovered some of the 445-pound creatures' lairs. Does a giant beaver, relic of the Pleistocene, inhabit Canadian lakes and streams?


Unknown said...

I especially liked the Warms story.

Wish him great luck in finding the Giant Beaver. That would be a great cap in the Crypto field and a major "so there" to die-hard skeptics.

Great post, Nick!!!!!!!!

cryptidsrus said...

That was me up above, BTW, Nick. I accidentally signed on as Cnia, who apparently had used the same public computer I had at the Library.
My Bad... :)