Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The CFZ's 2010 Yearbook

Jon Downes gives us the lowdown on the new issue of the CFZ's annual Yearbook:

"Well, the Yearbook is now finished - admittedly, five days after it should have been. It only remains to be seen whether - with the intermitttent broadband that we have at the moment as a result of the inclement weather - if it uploads properly today."
And, here's the contents, with page numbers:
3 Contents
5 Foreword by Jonathan Downes
7 On the Piast by Jonathan Downes
25 A Disquisition into Steller's 'Sea Ape' by David Francazio
41 The Strange Environment, and Stranger Fauna of Lake Titicaca, Bolivia by Richard Muirhead
51 The River Medway Monster and Kent's Coastal Creatures by Neil Arnold
77 The Abominable Snowman by Adam Davies
85 Preliminary Cryptozoological Checklist by Dale Drinnon
127 The Kraken and the Colossal Misunderstanding by Oll Lewis
137 The Gurt Dog Returns by Max Blake
145 Red eye glow: a new explanation by Dr. Karl Shuker
149 Things that should not be: those mysterious out of place alligators by Theo Paijmans
163 Flying snakes and jumping snakes - a worldwide survey by Richard Muirhead
180 Scranton K by Richard Freeman
181 The Monsters Of Scooby-Doo by Neil Arnold
189 CFZ Australia: 2009 Report by Ruby Lang and Mike Williams
193 CFZ USA: 2009 Status Report by Nick Redfern
203 2009: A year in the life of the Centre for Fortean Zoology by Jonathan Downes
215 About the Centre for Fortean Zoology
219 CFZ Press

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