Monday, December 8, 2008

Phantom Bears?

Neil Arnold has written a fascinating new article on mystery bears of London and its surrounding areas. Of course, the bear became extinct in Britain a very long time ago (to say the least!). However, that hasn't stopped the occasional bear corpse from surfacing in England in modern times (as Neil shows in his article). Nor has it stopped people from seeing living, bear-like beasts roaming the woods of England. Whatever these creatures are (flesh, phantom, or something else entirely), they are without doubt a fascinating part of the British cryptozoological world.


cryptidsrus said...

Interesting article, Nick.
So apparently there is some sort of "proof," (i.e., the decapitated bear cubs)---so the question is---where are these creatures coming from???

Nick Redfern said...

That's a very good question! The decapitated bears are a genuine example of real bears in the UK.

There are, however, some stranger ones, including several with more than an air of the paranormal to them.

Perhaps we have several things going on?

Neil A said...

Indeed. It seems that phantom bears are actually a huge part of the paranormal void in the UK. And yet hardly any reports of phantom beaver, wolf (excluding werewolves!) and boar. There is a fascinating phantom bear tale from Sussex in the area of Verdley Castle, but the decapitated bears, well, who knows, I may try to track down the original newspaper reports. All I can think is that maybe a circus or something had them but why they'd be decapitated and stripped of flesh is beyond me!