Monday, December 15, 2008

Monstrous Anomalies

The Anomalist has posted some excellent crypto material and links over the last few days; and if you didn't see them, here they are!

The Boston Museum of Science tries to explain some legendary beasts: Exhibit Explores the Real Science Between Mythical Monsters, and, at Cryptomundo, Loren Coleman announces Cryptozoologist of 2008: Dr. Andrea Marshall.
Making the point that the dragon of lore is not a creature to be pursued by cryptozoologists, Mel Acheson demonstrates the dragon archetype most likely sprang to life worldwide in ancient times from events our forebears observed in the heavens.

Two of the signature subjects of high strangeness, UFOs and Bigfoot, came together before multiple witnesses near Uniontown, PA, on October 25, 1973. The 35th anniversary of the enigmatic appearance of a UFO and Bigfoot-like creatures gets the full treatment of an 8-part video interview with George Lutz, who accompanied lead investigator Stan Gordon seeking answers to the mysterious event.
Arkansas Fouke Monster Stuff of Legends Firefox. If you're not already familiar with the creature famously outlined in the hit movie The Legend of Boggy Creek, you will be after reading this explanation of the origins of the tales of a swamp creature, a la Bigfoot, said to make its home in Millers County in Arkansas. Elsewhere, Loren Coleman will lecture on cryptozoological subjects today at the University of Maine at Augusta, as he reports in Maine Mutant Revisited.

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