Thursday, December 4, 2008

Anomalies of the Crypto Kind

As always, The Anomalist provides some excellent crypto links:

Immortal Sasquatch Still Immune to Cynics Straight
In British Columbia, Canada, Bigfoot is taken a bit more seriously than most locations, even after the infamous "Georgia Bigfoot" hoax. Perhaps the reason for British Columbia's regard for Sasquatch is due to the huge number of sightings throughout the vicinity. So who are the people looking for the giant hairy homonoid in the wilds of British Columbia, and what do they know about the legendary creature?

Search for Ivory-billed Woodpecker To Begin Anew AP
Next Saturday, a wildlife biologist is heading back into the swamps of eastern Arkansas with a scaled-back search team consisting of 26 volunteers and three expert field biologists. The search will run through the bird's nesting season in March and April when the ivory-bill is most active. Three previous searches failed to find the big black and white woodpecker.

NC Cougar: State Says “Highly Unlikely” Cryptomundo
A cougar was seen, reportedly, last week in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Wildlife expert says it was a big dog. Also,
What Is A Panther?

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