Thursday, December 4, 2008

Crypto in Paranormal

One of the best magazines on the paranormal right now is (the very appropriately named!) Paranormal. Published in Britain, it's an 80-plus page, glossy, color publication that covers everything from UFOs to hauntings, ESP to cryptozoology, and much more.

And this month's issue - number 31 - is a real treat, as it's absolutely packed with crypto-related material.

First off, there's the cleverly-titled Terror Soars! from Karl Shuker that addresses the ever-present controversy about still-living pterodactyls. Then, we have Paranormal editor Richard Holland talking about the creepy critter of Britain's most celebrated haunted house: Borley Rectory.

Paul Devereux touches upon ghostly black dogs in his article Haunted Highways; while in Hill of Horrors, Neil Arnold discusses a plethora of weird beasts seen in the vicinity of an old Kent, England village called Blue Bell Hill, including big-cats and glowing-eyed Bigfoot-style beasts.

And, finally, there's CFZ resident zoologist Richard Freeman, who reveals the many and varied (and not to mention downright bizarre!) beasts that can be found within the annals of Japanese history, folklore and mythology. This article is excellent reading for anyone interested in learning more about the cryptids of this particular part of the world.

And if UFOs are your thing, you can find several articles in the magazine (including one from me) that cover a wide range of ufological topics.

Paranormal deserves the support of anyone and everyone interested in the mysteries of our world, and I'd urge all of you to pick up a copy of the magazine at the earliest opportunity. You definitely won't be disappointed!

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