Sunday, December 28, 2008

Lair of the Beasts

Well, here in the Redfern house, Christmas is still going on, and will be until January 5. But, I figured I'm not gonna wait until then to make my next posts here! So, here's a few of the things that have been going on while we've all been eating, drinking and getting in the festive spirit:

1. My latest article at Lair of the Beasts - on Goat-Men; Bigfoot Teepees; and more...

2. The Anomalist on Big-Cats: Trail of the Black Panther Leads to Kenthurst The Daily Telegraph. Black panthers have been widely reported along the outskirts of Sydney, Australia, leading to a state of alarm among the citizens. Since there are no native big cats in Australia, where do these large felines come from? With photo. Elsewhere, the tales of large black cats continue to proliferate in England and in Southeastern America. Meanwhile, Florida Panther Encounters on the Rise.

3. As I mentioned a few days ago, a new monster-hunting movie titled Occasional Monsters has just been released in Britain. I had a review-copy arrive yesterday; so I'll be watching it, and reviewing it here, this coming week. Looks to be a good one!

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