Friday, December 19, 2008

News of the Monstrous Kind

From today's Anomalist:

Curse of the Fish That Time Forgot Daily Mail. Samantha Weinberg, author of A Fish Caught in Time, tells the tale of the discovery of the coelacanth, the fish the natives of the Comoros call "The King of the Sea," and evolutionists expect to tell the story of the ascent of seaborne creatures to land millions of years ago. But there's a dark side to the search for the coelacanth. Does this mysterious ancient fish carry a curse for those who pursue it?

Weird Hairy Females Seduce Hot-blooded Caucasian Men Pravda. The Caucasus Mountains of Russia are reportedly the home of the Almasty, the Russian version of Bigfoot. There have been stories of human males and Almasty females mating before. Now here are several such stories. You did note this is from Pravda, right?


Scott C said...

Hi Nick,
No need to actually publish this, since it's more a personal message to you and not a comment on your post. I send a link to my webcomic a while back and I'm just following up to see if you had a chance to check it out. We got a rave review at Ain't it Cool ( which is nice since we've only been up and running for about a month now. Anyway, it's a good site for the budding Bigfoot hunter (ages 6 to 12, that is). Take care and enjoy the holidays!

cryptidsrus said...

Interesting Almasty story, Nick.
Pravda's not Communist anymore, as far I know. :) If not, I stand corrected.

Nick Redfern said...

Hi Scott

I have to confess I didn't yet, but definitely will over the holiday. Apologies - the last few weeks and months have been chaotically busy!