Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Anomalist: Today

A couple of new stories over at The Anomalist today:

Awesome or Off-Putting: The Pinatubo Monsters Heckler Spray. A Filipino village on the island of Luzon, where fishing is the backbone of the economy, reportedly saw its industry fold after five aquatic "monsters" were spotted in local waters. What are these monsters depriving Filipino locals of their livelihood? Elsewhere, residents of Virginia continue to claim mountain lion sightings, despite the protestations of officials, as explained in Middle River Mountain Lion?

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cryptidsrus said...

Wonder if the Pinatubo monsters ARE really mutant fish created by toxic waste? Hmmm...

And I think it is time for certain areas in the US to admit they have mountain klions where they shouldn't have. I guess the reason they don't is the fact they don't want hunters going after them. Or well-meaning "watchdog" groups making themselves these creatures's "protectors." Whichever reason it is, ordinary folk see these critters on anm almost daily basis almost as to be "fact."

So I don't see the value in denying this. I guess the authorities want to allow them to procreate unmolested for the reasons stated above. So I sort of understand. Go figure.