Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The always-reliable Anomalist has a wealth of new crypto stories that you'll definitely want to check out, and here are the links:

Fluffy and Snippy in Colorado Cryptomundo. And Loren Coleman, too. While giving a talk in the state, Coleman reviews some cryptid encounters there and wonders whether Snippy, a 3-year-old Appaloosa, (actual name Lady) might not have been killed by a cryptid, rather than a UFO, between September 7th and 9th, 1967. Also, Outer Edge Creatures and Archival Monsters, New Flying Lemur Discovered, and Animal Planet, Mokele & Mermaids.

The Search for Ogo-Pogo 680 News. Last week's expedition into the deeps of British Columbia's Okanagan Lake in search of the legendary Ogo-Pogo came up empty. Sort of. The "MonsterQuest" television program had all the equipment believed necessary to detect the creature, but came away with something found in an underwater cave, an organism "about six to eight inches long with some kind of flukey tail on it." A juvenile Ogo-Pogo? Elsewhere, at Mothman Flutterings you'll find Legend Tripping with Iowa's Black Angel and Mothman.


cryptidsrus said...

Sorry to hear about Ogopogo, Nick.
One of my favorite cryptids.
I'd never heard of the "Black Angel" flap in Iowa. Thanks for the heads up. That's why I come here.

Nick Redfern said...

Ogopogo is weird, in the sense that like Nessie, detection equipment often fails to find it, but people still see it. Paranormal, maybe...?

The Black Angel controversy is interesting, and has led to comments of Mothman-type similarities.