Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mothman & Animals

Over at Binnall of America, Regan Lee has an interesting new post on Mothman.

As she states in part:

"I've always been interested in animal behavior within paranormal and UFOlogical events; reactions of the family dog type stories. The Mothman event has its share of animals, usually dogs, who behaved abnormally when in the vicinity of Mothman. One such dog was Bandit. Bandit, a German Shepherd, alerted owner Newell Partridge to something weird going on in their barn. Going outside to investigate, and feeling a strange sense of fear himself, Partridge found Bandit barking furiously at something before running off into the woods. His tracks were found the next day, as if the dog was going around in circles. Bandit was never seen again."

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