Sunday, November 2, 2008

Paranormal Magazine

The new issue of Britain's Paranormal magazine includes a lengthy article from me (titled Our Own Creation?) on why I believe that at least some of the strange creatures (Bigfoot, werewolves, and lake-monsters in particular) in our midst may very well be Tulpas, rather than flesh-and-blood animals.

Also in the same issue, you'll find a number of other good crypto-connected stories, including the tale of the Terrible Tadpole; Karl Shuker's discoveries concerning Hungry Veg (yep: man-eating plants and more); a good review of Jon Downes' Island of Paradise book (which tells the story of the expedition that me and Jon went on to Puerto Rico in 2004, in search of the Chupacabras), and much more.

Paranormal is an excellent magazine that - with editor Richard Holland - is going from strength to strength. Give them your support: you won't be disappointed!

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