Thursday, September 20, 2007

Spare a Thought...

Only a week after narrowly avoiding death in a serious car crash, CFZ Director Jon Downes is facing more woe and bad luck, as you will see from the most recent posts at his blog. Spare a thought for Jon - who doesn't deserve the hassle that has been piled on him in the last week - and send him your best wishes for a speedy and positive conclusion to his current financial nightmare. Friends and colleagues have been rallying around to offer advice and support to Jon and hopefully it will all work out okay.


Yards said...

Sending major, major, major, major, major, MAJOR good vibes for Jon. :( When it rains, it doesn't merely pour; apparently whales fall from the sky. I am going through my own troubles with disability right now, and it is a crappy thing to deal with. Tell Jon not to give up, that I am sympathetic to his situation and am sending good thoughts his way. Things will get better, they always do.
~Hopeful Y

Nick Redfern said...

Many thanks Yards, Jon will definitely appreciate your words.