Monday, September 10, 2007

The CFZ: Major New Monster-Hunting Expedition Announced

The CFZ is pleased to announce a major new monster-hunting expedition. Scheduled for November of this year - and in conjunction with CAPCOM, one of the biggest computer-game companies in the world - the CFZ will be traveling to the South American country of Guyana in pursuit of giant anacondas and a strange and violent beast called the Didi, which is said to rip the tongues out of cattle. It promises to be an illuminating trip!
Check out the new blog that has been set up by CFZ-UK for those interested in following the exploits of the expedition team.

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jamesrav said...

best of luck, I hope you can find an 18' Anaconda, or even longer. I think Jeff Irwin felt no 20' green anacondas still exist in the wild.