Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Linda Godfrey's New Book On The Horizon

I'm very pleased to announce that the publication of Linda Godfrey's next book - Strange Wisconsin - is just around the corner. Linda is the author of (among several others) The Beast of Bray Road and Hunting the American Werewolf. If you are even remotely interested in werewolves, you have to get hold of copies of these essential titles right now. And even though I haven't seen it yet, I'm fully confident that Strange Wisconsin will be a fine read, too. Order your copy now! Here's the publisher's words on the book:

Pig men, trolls, the curse of Miller Park, the Golden Plates of Voree. When it comes to weird, Wisconsin has got it! And nobody is better at telling the bizarre stories of the state's odd side than best-selling author and paranormal authority Linda Godfrey. Join the fun on an eyebrow-raising tour of people and places you won t believe! Linda S. Godfrey, writer, illustrator, and investigator of the paranormal, is the author of The Beast of Bray Road, Hunting the American Werewolf, and The Poison Widow and co-author of Weird Wisconsin and Weird Michigan.
And in an e-conversation with Linda just a few minutes ago, she told me that for devotees of all-things-cryptozoological, Strange Wisconsin is full of stories of the infamous Man-Bat; the Washington County Bear-Wolf (and Goatman); and a wealth of data on Bigfoot encounters in the state.

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