Thursday, September 6, 2007

Ghostly Encounters at the Castle Ring

As I have noted on many occasions in the past, the ancient and historic Castle Ring that can be found in the woods of Cannock, Staffordshire, England has proven to be a veritable hotbed of cryptozoological activity, with several reports of shambling, black figures, and at least one big cat encounter, having surfaced in the last decade.

Located near the village of Cannock Wood and constructed between 500 B.C. and A.D. 40, Castle Ring is an Iron Age structure commonly known as a Hill Fort. The highest point on the Cannock Chase, it is 801 feet above sea level, and it main ditch and bank enclosure is fourteen feet high and, at its widest point, 853 feet across.

Little is known about the mysterious and long-forgotten people who built Castle Ring, except to say that its creators were already in residence at the time of the Roman invasion and remained there until approximately A.D. 50.

And now there's a new angle on the mystery of Castle Ring: ghostly orbs and spirit beings. The story - from this week's Chase Post newspaper - is related below, and here's the original link.

Spirits are alive on Castle Ring
Sep 5 2007
Spirit beings are 'alive and well' on Castle Ring.
Local paranormal investigators claim the spirits revealed themselves on camera during a ghost hunt at the historic site.
A dozen investigators took part in a 'psychic picnic' followed by an evening vigil at Castle Ring, Cannock Wood, a couple of weeks ago.
And members say they were astounded by the pictures of spirit mists and orbs - said to be the manifestations of spirit beings.
They also took dowsing rods traditionally used for finding water. But these began spinning in reaction to the spirits, they claim.
Organisers Dave and Viv Llewellyn say the psychic press now says there is scientific proof that such energies exist.
Dave told The Post: "Spirit energy was respectfully asked to allow their energy to come close and show themselves by spinning the rods and appearing on camera."
Dave said when pictures were taken without asking the spirits to appear there was nothing there. But when the group, which included psychic mediums, asked, the mists and orbs appeared.
"The change in energy could be felt quite distinctly," he added. "If someone felt there was something there, we stopped at points around the ring."
The investigation took place at Castle Ring from 9pm-10.20pm.
"One or two were nervous," Dave admitted. "But no-one had anything negative. They were just all inspired and fired up to learn more. This has not been done for entertainment, but by serious minded people."
Similar responses also took place during an earlier vigil that night near the German and Commonwealth Cemeteries at Cannock Chase. Organisers say orbs actually followed them along a pathway.
The event was organised in conjunction with Nicky Jones from Bridgtown psychic centre Into the Light.

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