Friday, September 14, 2007

Jon and Corinna

The CFZ Press Office released the following statement this afternoon:
"CFZ Director Jonathan Downes and his wife Corinna were involved in a serious road traffic accident on the M25 last night, involving four other vehicles. Their Jaguar was a write-off and they were taken to hospital. However, they were discharged in the early hours of this morning. The police have stated that although a prosecution is likely to take place, it would not be against Mr Downes, who was completely blameless. Apart from shock, and superficial scratches and bruises, it appears that Mr and Mrs Downes are unhurt. More news when we get it."
I'm sure everyone joins me in wishing Jon and Corinna a speedy recovery from what were thankfully minor injuries.


AWT said...

Thank Heaven that they weren't seriously hurt or worse, cryptozoology just wouldn't be nearly as interesting nor half as fun without Jon and Corinna. I've never met them, but as a cryptid-enthusiast I feel connected through your outstanding blog.

Nick Redfern said...

Thanks AWT, I know Jon and Corinna will very much appreciate your words. Cheers too for the comments re the blog.

Yards said...

Yes, glad they will be okay. Pass on my best to them--I like and admire Jon for what he's done with the CFZ.

Nick Redfern said...


Many thanks; will do re passing on best to Jon and Corinna.