Thursday, September 22, 2011

Orang Pendek Info

Jon Downes has an important update on the current expedition to Sumatra in search of the Orang Pendek.

Jon has received the following, important message from team member, Richard Freeman:

"Hi Jon, Great news, we have a cast of the very first orang-pendek hand print ever recorded. Found by John Didmus, casted by Andy Sanderson. We all are getting copies. We also have hair found close by."

More news when we have it!


Jason Korbus said...

Exciting news! At this juncture, is it certain to be an orang pendek handprint or is this a best guess? What other possibilities are there? Looking forward to further updates. Thanks Nick!

Nick Redfern said...

I guess, right now, it's pretty much a wait and see situation. But the good news is that the team will be home in a couple of days, so we should know at least something more in a few days.