Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Bigfoot/UFO Gig

This just in from Stan Gordon:

2011 Pittsburgh PA UFO-Bigfoot Conferences Feature Nationally Known Speakers

A two day paranormal extravaganza is coming to the Pittsburgh area October 22-23, 2011, at the Westmoreland County Community College, in Youngwood.

The events are sponsored and organized by the Pennsylvania Chapter of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society (PBS).

For two days the public will have the opportunity to learn about the ongoing UFO phenomena and Bigfoot mystery. UFO sightings continue to be reported over Pennsylvania and around the Pittsburgh area.

The Keystone state has a long history of reported encounters with large hair covered man-like creatures. Recent reports of a Bigfoot sighting and recordings of strange animal sounds from Fayette County will be among the topics covered.

Both national and regional speakers and investigators will provide illustrated lectures on both topics. The PA MUFON UFO Conference will be held on Saturday.

The six speaker line up for Saturday will include Stanton Friedman, who will speak about Roswell and MJ12, Stan Gordon, who will discuss Historic UFO and Bigfoot cases from Pennsylvania, John Ventre, the PA MUFON State Director, who will speak about 2012, and David Twichell talks about UFOs and the Bible. William Konkolesky discusses UFOs over Michigan and Roger Marsh presents UFO Witness Theater.

On Sunday, the East Coast Bigfoot Conference makes its return to the area. The event, which was organized by PBS Director Eric Altman, will also feature six speakers.

This line up of lectures will include presentations from nationally known researchers including Dr. Jeff Meldrum, who will discuss “Sasquatch: the Global Phenomena”, Steve Kulls, “Primate Habitation in Relation to Bigfoot Research”, Stan Gordon, who will cover, “Mysterious Creatures of Pennsylvania”, and Eric Altman on “Bigfoot in Pennsylvania”. Dave Dragosin discusses Bigfoot witness sketches, and Billy Willard talks about Bigfoot in Virginia.

There will be displays, information booths, book signings and vendor tables outside the auditorium and open to those who attend. The events will begin both days at 10:00am and continue until 7 pm. Pizza and soft drinks will be available for purchase during the scheduled lunch breaks. Saturday evening dinner with the speakers.

For details and more information call John Ventre at 724-836-1266 or visit http://www.mufonpa.com

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