Thursday, December 9, 2010

Puerto Rican Gargoyles

Have you been following the story of the Puerto Rican Gargoyle? If not, here's the latest news - story 1 and story 2.

Notably, on a couple of my expeditions to Puerto Rico in search of the Chupacabras, I have come across a few stories of winged-beasts that sound far more like Gargoyles, and far less like the Chupacabras.

One such case, that I investigated in 2004, came from a woman named Norka, who me and Jon Downes interviewed while we were on the island. Here's what I wrote about Norka's sighting in my book Memoirs of a Monster Hunter:

"...Although the exact date escaped her, Norka told us that she was driving home one night in 1975 or 1976, when she was both startled and horrified by the shocking sight of a bizarre creature shambling across the road. She described the animal as being approximately four feet in height, and having a monkey-like body that was covered in dark brown hair or fur, wings that were a cross between those of a bat and a bird, and glowing eyes that bulged alarmingly from a bat-style visage. Elongated fingers, with sharp, claw-like appendages, that looked like they could inflict serious damage, flicked ominously in Norka’s direction. She could only sit and stare as the beast then turned its back on her and rose slowly into the sky..."

Did Norka not actually see a Chupacabras - as she had assumed when me and Jon spoke with her - but, instead, a Gargoyle-style entity? I really don't know, but I do know for sure that there is distinct high-strangeness afoot on Puerto Rico...


Deep Thinker said...

Mr. Redfern - are any of your books available as ebooks? As much as I love a real book in my hands, my shelves (and floors) are starting to buckle under the weight of my collection, so I've jumped on the ebook bandwagon. I'd love to see your work in that format!


Unknown said...

Sure sounds more gargoyle-ish to me!
Was she aware of what a gargoyle looked like before she had the sighting?
It would be interesting to show her drawings of a traditional chupacabras and also a gargoyle to see which one she thought resembled most the creature she encountered.
Im curious to hear more about it!

Nick Redfern said...

Hi Jennifer

Thanks for the comment! Some of my books are (or soon will be available as ebooks, such as ALL my books that have been published by Anomalist Books, and those by New Page Books too. My older ones, I think, might not be, or at least not for some time. And all my future books should be available as ebooks.


Nick Redfern said...

Hey Raven

She pretty much just placed it in a Chupacabras category, even though the sighting was the mid-1970s, long before the more recent Chupa reports.

But, she did do a picture of the animal and I'll scan it and post so people can see it. Her image looks far more Gargoyle-like to me than it does a Chupa!