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True Giants - Published!

The much-anticipated new book, True Giants: Is Gigantopithecus Still Alive?, from Mark A. Hall and Loren Coleman, has just been published by Anomalist Books.

Here's where you can find out more about what looks to be a great new book, and here's a complete run-down of the contents, courtesy of AB:

Do giant primates larger than gorillas, taller than Sasquatch and Yetis, still exist in the remotest corners of the globe? Famed cryptozoologists Mark A. Hall and Loren Coleman join forces to share their knowledge of this unexplored and neglected topic in cryptozoology.

Bigfoot researchers have long been mystified, even embarrassed, by reports of giant hairy apes larger than Bigfoot, and as a result eyewitness reports of what Hall and Coleman call True Giants have never been fully considered in the broader zoological context. Reviewing the evidence found in traditions and footprints, folklore and sightings, the authors of this groundbreaking volume present for the first time in one place the wide-ranging argument for the possible survival of a giant species of primate that we know lived on Earth for millions of years.


Preface: The Story Behind the Cover
Being the frightening encounter of one Captain Mokhtar Mohamad and his wife with an Orang Dalam, a True Giant.
New evidence that humans were not alone. Cryptozoologists as folklorists. A modest attempt to capture the myths, legend, and folklore of the True Giants.

1. The Universal Giant
Tales of storybook giants are global. A broader basis in the natural world for True Giants. The reasons for the lack of investigations and ignorance of their existence. Survival of Gigantopithecus in an era of Homo floresiensis and other new homin discoveries. Mountains around the world as homes of the True Giants. Their general physical description.

2. The Earliest True Giant was Gigantopithecus
Four categories of evidence: traditions, consistent appearance, footprints, and fossil remains. Gigantopithecus vs. Gigantanthropus. Finding Giganthopithecus. The heights of the Giganthopithecus and True Giants. More about their tracks. The migration issue. Conflict with humans. Schism between the species. Cannibalism. Remoteness.

3. True Giants in Europe
Giant fighter Dietrich of Bern/ Theodoric the Great. Knights of the Round Table as giant killers. Scottish giants, the Fomors. Big Grey Man of Ben MacDhui and Gray Man of Braeriach. Scandinavian Jotuns. High Tatras’ True Giants. Slovaks’ Zruty or Ozruti. Trolls. City name Antwerp has origins in True Giants lore. French Gayant. Greek Callicantzari. Crete’s Triamates. Tribe of the Cyclops and Polyphemos.

4. The Mountains of Asia Shelter Giants
Bible’s Goliath of Gath and his brother Lahmi. The Nephilim, the Rephaim, and the Sons of Anakim. Og of Bashan. Palestine’s Eleazar and Arabian Gabbaras. Armenia’s Torch or Torx. Nepal’s Nyalmo. Sir Edmund Hillary. Giant Yetis. Chinese and Mongolian True Giants. Siberia’s Kiltanya.

5. The Giants of Southeastern Asia
Malaysian media attention. Orang Dalam. Serjarang Gigi. Kung-lu. Orang Gadang. The Interminable Woodman.

6. Rumble in the Rainforest
Hantu Jarang Gigi. Malaysian “Bigfoot.” Vincent Chow. Sumatran Rhinoceros and Javan Rhinoceros. Tracks. Mawas and Orangutans. Use of Hantu Jarang Gigi vs Orang Dalam. Harold Stephens. Asian Paranormal Investigation and Johor Wildlife Protection Society. Orang Lenggor. Josh Gates and “Destination Truth.” Singapore Paranormal Investigators and the Seekers. Back to Orang Dalam.

7: Tumble in the Jungle
Vincent Chow news conference. Reported photographs. The Guardians. Sean Ang. “Johor Hominid.” Hoax exposed by Jean-Luc Drevillon, Lorenzo Rossi, and Loren Coleman on Cryptomundo. Orang Dalam unsolved.

8. The Oceanic Adventures of True Giants
Sudan’s Wa’ab. Tano Giant. Comoros Islands’ Red Headband. Coelacanth. Australia’s Jogungs, Koyorowen and Yaho. Outback’s Tjangara. Nan Madol’s Kona. Solomon Giants. Oahu’s Olomana.

9. Eastern True Giants
Rarity of Gigantopithecus fossils. Big Men, Cannibal Giants, and True Giants. Okefenokee Swamp Giant fatal encounter and aftermath. Bald Mountain’s Chickly Cudly. Cherokee’s Tsulkalu and Jutaculla. Gaspe’s Gougou. Quebec’s Gugwes, Kookwes, Strendu, and Windigos. The Stone Giants. Berwick’s Giant Phantom. Giants, the World Series, and the Lenape’s Messing. Omahas’ Pasnuta. Kansas’ Mialushka. Ojibwa’s Misabe. Wampanoag’s Maushope. Eskimo’s giants. Modern reports in the East. Finding of enormous footprints.

10. The Giants in the American West
Larger than Bigfoot, Sasquatch and the Neo-Giants. Sidney Warren’s 1857 Oregon account. Idaho’s 1902 report. Lake Okanagan’s Big Men of the Mountains. Alaska’s Gilyuk. British Columbia’s Tsufa. Takudh Kutchin Indians’ Mahoni or Nahoni. Kaska’s Big Man or Tenatco. California’s Marukarara. Modern accounts of True Giants in the West. Finding of enormous foot tracks.

11. The World of True Giants
Structure of the True Giants. Communication skills. Mobility. Dangers to True Giants. How they have changed. Lifestyle. Eating habits. Habitations.

12. The Future of True Giants
What can we do about True Giants? George Papashvily. The Narts. Yel’tso. Other traditions. Ethno-known.

Appendix A: Telebiology
How to study giant primates without harming them?
Appendix B: What Scientific Name For True Giants?
Good questions have complex answers.
Appendix C: Giant Bones
Where are the bones? Where are the skeletons? Where are the skulls? Are there any easy answers?
Appendix D: Giant Skulls by Ivan Sanderson
What did the late cryptozoologist have to say on the question of giant skulls?
Appendix E: The Toonijuk by Ivan Sanderson
What do the Inuits and Eskimos know about True Giants?
Appendix F: The Teeth of the Dragon by Eric Pettifor
What is the standard anthropological view of Gigantopithecus?
Appendix G: Meganthropus: Giant Man From Old Java
Besides Gigantopithecus, there exists in the fossils of Asia, another primate that has been problematic for paleoanthropologists. Might this species be True Giants?
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