Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Neil Arnold's Monstrous Walks

Here's the latest news from Monster! author, Neil Arnold:

Fed up of 'Most Haunted' ? Tired of dull movies such as 'Paranormal Activity' ? Then join monster-hunter extraordinaire, Neil Arnold on his all new monthly ghost-walks. On the last Sunday of every month, 7.30pm, Neil will be conducting walks through historic Rochester, bringing back the atmosphere of Charles' Dickens musings, with a tour of the cobbled streets, dank back alleys and ancient buildings.

From haunted shops, restaurants and pubs, to the Gothic cathedral and eerie monk's vineyard, Neil will entertain with ghastly yarns of witches, ghosts, monsters and murder, introducing the public to a variety of spine-chilling and original spook tales. Hags, hellhounds, river monsters, big cats and spectres are on the menu and at just £4.00 a head this could be the best money you've spent for a long while.

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On the second Sunday of every month (2 - 4 pm) Neil will be venturing onto Britain's most haunted location, Blue Bell Hill, with bizarre stories concerning eight-foot high red-eyed humanoids, giant phantom dogs, flying jellyfish, sinister hags, big cats, ancient stones and the local 'phantom hitchhiker', proving that the legends you've heard about which are connected to the hill are completely false and that the truth is far stranger than the fiction created by the media.

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