Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yet More Creature Controversies!

As you will have noticed, over the last few days my posts have been somewhat sporadic, brief, and largely consisting of copy-pastes. No, I'm not getting bored!

Basically, what's happening is that I'm putting the final touches to 3 new books that I have to hand over to the relevant publishers by the end of January/early February. So, as a result, I'm literally burning the midnight-oil, while a few other things inevitably go on-hold.

But, normal service will be returning very soon !

Until then, here's today's crypto-mysteries, courtesy of The Anomalist:

Dale Drinnon: Some Further Notes About the Mapinguari Cryptozoology Online. Dale Drinnon presents some suppositions raised from information gathered in the search for a cryptid in the Amazon regions of South America that is sometimes referred to as "the South American Bigfoot." Variously known to the peoples of the region as the Mapinguari, the Jucucu and the Mono Rey, the large creature is thought to be a relic ground sloth, part of the megafauna believed to have become extinct thousands of years ago. Elsewhere, Loren Coleman keeps it brief concerning a recent alleged Bigfoot photo in Ben Blasts Bogus Bigfoot.

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