Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I have a few deadlines to meet by the end of this week; so posts here may be a bit sporadic until early next week. But, until things are less hectic, here's a quick posting from today's Anomalist:

Takitaro Cryptomundo. Brent Swancer guests with an examination of the evidence of some mysterious large fish in a mountain lake known as Otori-ike. The giant fish are known as Takitaro, and descriptions of attacks by these fish permeate local lore. A 1985 scientific expedition to the lake in search of the giant fish turned up some surprises. Does Otori-ike hold a world record Dolly Varden trout? With images. Meanwhile, there's speculation of something in the waters of a Canadian lake, and reports of its presence can be traced back for more than a century, as reported in Lake Utopia Monster. With image.

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