Monday, December 28, 2009

Back Online

Well, I hope everyone had a cool Christmas! Mine was hampered by a raging toothache that turned into an abscess and a swollen face and I'm now on painkillers and antibiotics. So, posts here might be a bit sporadic until normality returns!

But, here's a few new things that may be of interest:

From The Anomalist: Canadian in Utah to Seek 'Strange Creatures Seldom Seen' Deseret News, Meet John Warms, a retired school teacher who resides in Manitoba, Canada. Warms is on a quest to discover some of the many anomalous creatures he has heard about so he can write a book about them. He also says he once observed a giant beaver in a Canadian waterway and thinks he has discovered some of the 445-pound creatures' lairs. Does a giant beaver, relic of the Pleistocene, inhabit Canadian lakes and streams?

Also from The Anomalist: Mike Dash's report on Frank Searle's Lost Second Book. With photos. Elsewhere, Loren Coleman shares comments on an unsavory claim that has raised the hackles of many sober seekers of North America's best known cryptid, as seen in Bigfoot Massacre Mess Ends Decade. With images.

Plus, there is also the following: Colin Higgins on the sighting of a ghostly-horse; and Tales of Mammoth and Mastodon Survival examined by Richard Muirhead.

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