Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Creature Controversies

There's a lot of good crypto-stories over at The Anomalist today, and here they are:

Meldrum & Keating on Today Show Cryptomundo. Renowned cryptozoologist Loren Coleman takes exception to the way a television program, one of the weekday morning staples for viewers across America, presents the science of cryptozoology. With video. Elsewhere, Coleman notes another network television presentation in ABC News Boosts Bogus Bigfoot and presents video footage in The Kryder Blobsquatch Image. Also presented by Coleman today, video footage of Coconut-carrying Octopuses and Their Komic Kin and Are Jackalopes Real? Remembering the Mothman Appalachian Independent. Point Pleasant, WV, was placed on the map in a way most towns probably would not appreciate. It all began with a mysterious encounter in 1966 and continues today as a reason for tourists to visit the town. Nick Diamond recreates what happened in Point Pleasant and talks with an eyewitness. He also points out that the appearance of the Mothman isn't the only incident of high strangeness reported in the small town.

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