Monday, October 10, 2011

Texas Monsters at EPIC

Yesterday afternoon, with Ken Gerhard, I went along to the monthly meeting of the Grapevine, Texas-based EPIC group, where Ken was due to lecture on our book, Monsters of Texas.

As for Ken's lecture, he gave a fine presentation on a wide range of beasts seen throughout Texas for decades - and, in some cases, even longer - including Bigfoot, wild-men of the woods, the notorious Lake Worth Goat-Man, giant winged monsters and flying humanoids, big cats, out of place alligators, the so-called Texas Chupacabra, and a great deal more too.

And, if you aren't aware of EPIC (Extraordinary Phenomena Investigations Council (the brainchild of Ken Cherry), I recommend you check them out as they are doing some excellent work in all realms of unknown phenomena.

A fine time was had, lots of questions were asked (which is always a good sign that the audience is interested!), and even none other than Jim Marrs came along to listen! And with a few good beers and dinner afterwards, it was a good afternoon and evening!

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