Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bigfoot Poll Results

Well, the results of my first poll at this blog - on the nature of Bigfoot - are in, and they make for interesting reading.

Of the 4 options for what Bigfoot might be, the results are as follows:

Gigantopithecus: 19 Percent.
An Unknown Animal: 50 Percent.
A Paranormal Entity: 21 Percent.
A Myth: 9 Percent.

Of course, in a poll such as this, it's difficult to gauge what we can learn from these figures. And, equally of course, under no circumstances at all should those same results be viewed as being in any way definitive - of anything.

After all, one might argue that because my views on Bigfoot are somewhat alternative in nature, this might mean people who share my views tend to gravitate more to this blog than to one which caters more for those who view Bigfoot as a purely flesh-and-blood creature.

The result: More votes for the paranormal theory than one might be inclined to see elsewhere.

I was most intrigued to find, however, that almost 1 in 10 people thought that Bigfoot was mythological.

So, all in all, an interesting set of results that provide a good indication of some of the beliefs, theories and conclusions of people who read this blog.

I'll be posting another poll later today or tomorrow, so be sure to vote!

PS: You'll see that the percentages above add up to 99 percent, not 100 percent. What happened to that elusive 1 percent? I have no idea!

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