Monday, January 3, 2011

Rail Monsters

Over at Cryptomundo, Loren Coleman notes the links between sightings of hairy man-beasts and railroad lines. On reading Loren's post, I was reminded of the fact that there are numerous reports of large, out-of-place cats seen in the direct vicinity of railroads in Britain. Rather oddly, there are a significant number of sightings of such cats on British golf-courses, too. One particularly thought-provoking book that addresses this issue is Merrily Harpur's Mystery Big Cats, which delves into some controversial - but stimulating - areas of the Fortean kind.


Neil A said...

Merrily Harpur's book attempts to make a non-existent connection between 'out of place' large cats, and the fact they are seen near gateways, railways etc, as if to suggest a supernatural link, which is rubbish. A large cat will use a railway line, river bank, stream, for navigation and also food source. A railway line of a night is a perfect place for a cat to roam, food is in abundance - rabbit, fox, rats, and these lead in and away from towns and at night are rarely frequented by humans. The same could also be said for a golf course. No mystery - a cat seeks shelter and dark corners to hide and hunt with stealth, a golf course is a great place to find food and also travel without detection.

It's rather frustrating when extremely normal, down to earth links are padded out with esoteric mystery.

Nick Redfern said...

Cheers Neil!