Monday, January 10, 2011

Investigating the Horse-Man

From today's Anomalist:

The Horse Man of Bede - Still on the Track.

The borough of South Tyneside in the UK is said to be home to three anthropomorphic cryptids: the Cleadon Critter, a Bigfoot-type hairy hominid; the Splitback Demon (an odd “lizard man”); and a hairless, blue-skinned, blue-eyed weirdo called, well, Blue Eyes. But now comes news of a fourth. Witnesses report a man standing in the middle of the road wearing a long, black coat with a hood, who banged on their car with the flat of his hand as it came to a stop. An eccentric human? Not exactly, as although from the waist up the stranger looked reasonably conventional, from the waist down he was anything but. He had two legs, but they were not human legs; they were actually those of a horse.

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