Saturday, September 11, 2010

Chupacabras 1 and 2

As you'll know for a decade and a half, stories have come out of Puerto Rico of the Chupacabras, and in the last couple of years the story of the so-called "Texas Chupacabras" has surfaced too.

Well, I'm being asked more and more on radio and TV shows, how has the Chupacabras migrated from Puerto Rico to Texas? The answer is that it hasn't! Despite many people assuming these are the same creatures, they're not at all.

Rather, it's just the term "Chupacabras" that has been applied to both beasts by the media, for the most part.

And here's my take on it all at my Lair of the Beasts column at


Anonymous said...

I was listening to a guy who runs a paranormal radio show interviewing you and he'd never heard of Charles Fort and didn't know where the word "Fortean" came from. Mr. Fort's books are on-line at so I really know no excuse for that. But there it is....ignorance abounds and thank the Powers That Be for writers like you and Jon Downes who can clue people in to what has been done before!

Nick Redfern said...

Thanks Cass!

Anonymous said...

You're welcome and thank you for all the wonderful work you and Fortean Center are doing daily to keep track of all these things. By the way, I just realized we can never show Jon the music vid I made for FINAL EVENTS. It would freak him the hell out (it shows the Owlman of Mawnan flapping his wings and dancing)lol.

yowzasma said...

Hi Nick !
This was on ch8 DFW this summer, about the Chup and the Xolos dog, please check it out.
I follow Cryptomundo and Coast to coast regularly.


Nick Redfern said...


Yeah a dancing Owlman is a scary sight! LOL

Nick Redfern said...


Many thanks. I saw this on the news, as I live very near to where this occurred. It's definitely become a cultural phenomenon here in TX.