Monday, September 27, 2010

Goat-Man: A Reminder

As a quick reminder: this Saturday at Lake Worth, Texas, myself and good friend Ken Gerhard (who co-wrote Monsters of Texas with me) will be lecturing at the annual Lake Worth Monster Bash that celebrates the weird series of encounters with his Royal Goatiness that manifested around the lake back in the summer of 1969, and that is still occasionally seen to this day.

Here's the link for all the data (click on the Monster Bash section for more information). Last year's gig was good fun, with vendors, a band, and much more. Even my wife, Dana - who is hardly a fan of cryptozoology, LOL - had a good time!


Unknown said...

Sounds like it might be fun. Be looking for me. I'll be looking for you :-) Terry Groff

Nick Redfern said...

Cool, Terry, see you there!