Friday, September 10, 2010

Balloons & Bigfoot

The Anomalist reveals the details of a novel development in the search for Bigfoot:

"Close Encounter Prompts Lifelong Search The Union. A move is afoot to put a duble-fuselaged dirigible into the sky over areas believed to be Bigfoot hotspots. William Allen Barnes is the brains behind the project, following up on a search begun after he had his own 'North American ape/hominoid' encounter in the summer of 1997 while camping in Gass Valley, Nevada County, CA. In fact, Barnes and two other Bigfoot researchers, Jason Valenti and William Dranginis, will include northern California in their research itinerary, along with "Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas, Virginia, Eastern Tennessee around the Smoky Mountains and Florida." The trio will proceed by camper with all kinds of high-tech equipment to connect to the blimp while it's in the air. Will thermal imaging, sound recordings and 'carbon dioxide recognition' really cause Bigfoot non-believers to change their tune?"

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