Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Werewolves, Bigfoot, and More...

Last year, I wrote the forewords to Linda Godfrey's book Hunting the American Werewolf and Lisa Shiel's Backyard Bigfoot.

Well, it seems that the dynamic duo have now teamed-up for an exciting new project. As Lisa states:

"Over the weekend, the city of Wausau, Wisconsin, unknowingly hosted a historic meeting. For the first time ever a woman Bigfoot researcher (me) hung out with a woman werewolf researcher (Linda Godfrey). Linda dubbed this meeting 'Bigfoot Woman meets Werewolf Lady.' We had a great time swapping tales of our experiences in the bizarre world of crypto-creature research. Like me, Linda is also a writer—and a terrific one at that. Her book Weird Michigan not only flies off the shelves, but contains enough freaky info to satisfy even hard-core weird-o-philes. If you haven't read Weird Michigan—or Weird Wisconsin, or Hunting the American Werewolf—buy it immediately! Here comes the best part..."

And for the full details of that best part, click right here...

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Bill Hancock said...

Sir Nick,

We all know Linda writes great stuff. Glad this new volume is out
and available.

The best,