Friday, July 22, 2011

Naomi's Nessie...

Good friend Naomi West (of the All This Pudding blog and fellow Center for Fortean Zoology colleague) has a strange and ominous beast from the outer-edge lurking in the darkened depths of a mysterious body of water on her Texan property.

As Naomi notes, the terrifying creature has surfaced just once so far, resulting in Naomi letting forth a rip-roaring scream that no doubt instilled cold and utter fear in the locals.

What might the Lovecraftian monster be? So far, there is no firm answer, and due to the very real possibility of being dragged into those same dark waters by the mighty jaws of the immense leviathan, Naomi is currently keeping her distance.

Well, the above might all be somewhat of a slight exaggeration! But something is swimming around! And here's the real story (not my idiotic rendition!) from Naomi herself...

Note: The photo above shows (left) Naomi, (center) my wife, Dana, and to the right with gun in-hand, my dad, Frank "Do you feel lucky, punk?" Redfern. We were visiting Naomi and her husband Richie recently, and engaged in the fine Texan sport of "shooting up shit."

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