Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bart Nunnelly - Tonight

Tonight's guest on the Exploring All Realms radio-show that I co-host with Raven Meindel will be Bart Nunnelly, author of the book Mysterious Kentucky.

And here's a bit more about Bart:

Author, artist, filmmaker and well known Fortean investigator, Bart Nunnelly has been studying all aspects of the unexplained in his native western Kentucky for over 25 years. His wanderings throughout the Bluegrass bottomlands have brought him face to face with such creatures as Bigfoot, black panthers, water monsters and several other curious Kentucky cryptids including a Thunderbird in 1998 – something no other living researcher can presently claim.

In addition to legendary beasts, Nunnelly has also experienced spectral phenomena and UFO activity on multiple occasions. His first book, “Mysterious Kentucky
- - was published in 2007 by Whitechapel Press to much acclaim and his next two works “The Inhumanoids! Real Encounters With Beings That Can’t Exist,” and “Bigfoot In Kentucky” are both due out later this year by CFZ Press - - and Whitechapel Press, respectively.

His crytpo-art has been widely featured in everything from children’s books to television shows throughout the world and his first documentary, “Hunt The Dogman,” a rousing investigation of Kentucky’s werewolf sightings, was released in 2007 by Grendel Films -

He is currently working on his second crypto-documentary film project, “The Spottsville Monster,” with McGill Media Llc, out of Louisville.

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E.J. Stevens said...

Sounds like an interesting show.

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