Monday, August 2, 2010

Sea Serpent Or Not?

Over at her Krystal Kave, Kithra says:

"According to an article in the Daily Mail, on 31st July, a picture has been circulating the internet purporting to show a sea monster that, so far seems to have eluded identification. It was seen off Saltern Cove, Devon, UK, and has been dubbed by many as a “new Nessie.” The image appears to show a greenish-brown, long-necked “something,” with a reptilian-like head, that was trailing a shoal of fish just 30 yards offshore. According to reports the fish beached themselves just a few seconds later.

"The photo was sent to the Marine Conservation Society, who have still to decide exactly what it is. Although theories range from a sea serpent to a salt water crocodile. The lady who took the photograph at first thought that it might be a turtle but the Marine Conservation Society says that not only do turtles not chase fish, but the description doesn’t fit."

Kithra continues here.

Meanwhile, of this same affair, Jon Downes says: "Me? I think it is a basking shark; I think that what appears to be its back is its tail, and the `head` is the tip of its nose, but golly, wouldn't I love to be proved wrong!"

A mystery animal? A Shark? Doubtless this story will be circulating for a while...

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