Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hairy Anomalies

From The Anomalist: a wealth of stuff on all-things hairy and human-like.

As you'll see from the link on the so-called "Gable Film," the plot is most definitely thickening...

Update on Bigfoot Activity in Old Hartford Castle Area Examiner. Eddie Middleton updates alleged Bigfoot reports that originate from the vicinity of what's known as the Hartford Castle near Hartford, IL. Gate guards from an installation near the ruins of the Hartford Castle continue to report activity Middleton thinks could indicate a Bigfoot presence, and a gate guard reportedly quit after a face-to-face confrontation with a howling Bigfoot. There's more on the alleged Hartford Bigfoot activity in A Big Blackberry Feast for Bigfoot! Meanwhile, The Blogsquatcher reveals possible Bigfoot activity further east in Handprint Found in Ennice, North Carolina, and points west for the Gable Film Update at Oregon Bigfoot. Elsewhere, at Cryptomundo Loren Coleman announces a changed release date for a Benicio del Toro movie and breaks the news of a new book release in Wolfman at Bay.

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