Monday, August 3, 2009

Anomalies of the Day

The Anomalist has had a good range of crypto-stories over the last few days, and here they are:

The Most Monsters? Cryptomundo. Loren Coleman announces the publication of Joseph A. Citro's new book The Vermont Monster Guide and presents photos of the author and illustrator Stephen R. Bissette, both wearing hats. There are more headgear happenings brought to light by Coleman in Hats and Heads, Part Dos. With photos and video.

Sky Serpents Fortean Times. From the Fortean files today: The July issue of this famous magazine includes Jerome Clark's carefully researched report of the many tales of flying serpents, and these reports were not tales of the gliding snakes from South and Southeast Asia. The reports Clark cites came from witnesses in the fledgling United States. Were flying serpents common to the early American skies? With image gallery.

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AWT said...

Thanks for the link to the "sky serpents" article- interesting and different, if quite baffling, even by cryptoz standards!