Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Creature Features

While I was away in California for 5 days at the Retro UFO gig, cryptozoological stories poured into my In-Box (isn't it always that way?). So, rather than write lengthy posts on each, I'm going to summarize them all here. That way, I'll be caught up today and can focus from tomorrow onwards on new stuff.

And so here they are:

1. A profile on the Texas Bigfoot Conservancy;

2. Great Snakes!

3. Another big-cat seen in Britain;

4. Nessie Graffiti;

5. Crypto PDFs;

6. H.P. Lovecraft fans: you will love this!

7. A guide to exotic animals;

8. The latest on the "Hobbit" controversy;

9. No monsters here; but a fascinating animal story, nevertheless;

10. Say hello to Ireland's new mammal;

11. Crypto-fiction;

12. Monsters in the Woods;

13. The 28 Days Later version of the British squirrel is on the rampage!

14. The Fresno Bigfoot;

15. Sasquatch in the Media.


Siani said...

Hi Nick,

Thought this might interest you. There's allegedly a crocodile on the loose on the outskirts of my home city, Swansea. There's a story about it here. A local member of the CFZ has also started a blog about it: http://morfadile.blogspot.com/. I've often caught a bus right next to the lake, but I've seen nothing unusual.


Nick Redfern said...

Hi Siani

Many thanks for this - very interesting! There was one a few years back in a pool in Cannock, Staffordshire, near where I used to live. Almost certainly, that was a dumped exotic pet too. It's a real shame that people buy these things and then dump them when they can't look after them anymore, because when winter comes they have no chance of surviving.