Friday, March 14, 2008

Radio Bigfoot - Tonight

This just in from the people at Beyond the Edge Radio:

Beyond The Edge Radio welcomes back co-host Sean Forker to Friday night's show. Join Sean and Eric your Co-hosts as they talk all things "Bigfoot" with special guests Steve "The Squatch Detective" Kulls and "Sasquatch Watch of Virginia director" Billy Williard, both co-hosts of their own show "Squatch Detective Radio," to the show Friday night March 14, 2008 at 9:00 pm est.

Steve is a New York State Licensed and Bonded Private Investigator and former heavy metal front man. Steve became interested originally in the Bigfoot phenomenon in 1975, at the age of 5 when he saw "The Legend of Boggy Creek." Years later, Steve read a local publication called "Monsters of the Northwoods."

In 1999 Steve formed the Adirondack Research Organization, which was the first In 2006 the website was reformatted to a national organization. The organization has taken on the controversial from day one and intends to keep on track with the latest developments and gaining exclusives.

Steve is a member of the North East Sasquatch Research Association (NESRA), Northern Sasquatch Research Society (NSRS) The American Bigfoot Society (ABS), The Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers (AIBR) and the Sasquatch Research Initiative. Steve is also a member of the searching for Bigfoot field investigation team.

To visit Steve's website go to

Billy Willard, is Vice President of an environmental consulting firm and oversees such projects as leaking underground petroleum tanks, soil and groundwater remediation projects and performs environmental site assessments. Billy is an OSHA Hazwoper Supervisor and holds many other credentials.

Billy became interested in the Bigfoot Phenomenon early in life as a kid after watching such movies as Legend of Boggy Creek and the Creature from Black Lake . In 2005, Billy and his son Josh formed the Sasquatch Watch of Virginia. Billy is a member and investigator for the American Bigfoot Society (ABS), The Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers. (AIBR), the Northeast Sasquatch Researchers Association (NESRA), Squatchdetective and the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society (PBS).

Sasquatch Watch of Virginia is a privately funded Bigfoot/Sasquatch scientific research organization. We conduct field investigations and scientific field research within the areas of reported Bigfoot/Sasquatch encounters in Virginia .Through the years, we have researched this mystery at numerous Bigfoot/Sasquatch encounter locations. You may visit our website at

Join us for a fun filled night of searching for the elusive "Bigfoot" as Eric and Sean Welcome Steve the Squatch Detective Kulls and Billy Willard of Sasquatch Watch of Virginia, as once again we take you on a journey Beyond the Edge!

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